产品编号: 067086 Special high-temperature oil for sliding chain systems in film stretching machines

Operators of film stretching machines attach great importance to machine availability and energy costs to secure profitable production. The chain oil used has a major influence on these factors. Varnish build-up can prevent penetration of sufficient lubricant to the friction points at the chain pins and the guide rail. This may lead to higher friction, requiring more lubricant. This will in turn lead to further contamination making premature cleaning of the whole machine (TDO) necessary - a costly and time-consuming procedure. Downtime is inevitable, leading to less machine availability. Our aim is therefore to extend your maintenance intervals and reduce the cost of maintenance operations.

With PRIMIUM SUPER ME, the chain oil PRIMIUM SUPER has been consistently upgraded. Over 40 years of cooperation and partnership with film stretcher OEMs and operators has helped us build sound technical expertise in the development of high-temperature chain oils.

PRIMIUM SUPER ME offers you an ideal solution for the operation of film stretching machines. PRIMIUM SUPER ME is a chain oil based on ester and was developed in our R&D and testing labs.

PRIMIUM SUPER ME contains a special combination of base oils and additives to reduce the formation of residues in the chain system. This means the friction points can be supplied with sufficient lubricant for a longer period. Intervals between residue-induced maintenance operations become longer and machine availability increases. Optimised lubrication reduces energy consumption over the service life of the machine. PRIMIUM SUPER ME therefore offers film stretcher operators high machine availability and high cost efficiency, a wide performance range and corresponding profitability.



  • Improved lubricant formulation enables higher production speeds

  • Low residue formation reduces component maintenance

  • Higher machine availability provides increased productivity

  • Long chain life due to low wear rate

  • Compatible with film material avoiding film rupture

  • Higher energy efficiency due to optimised lubricating effect

  • Optimised lubricant supply to all friction points over a longer period enables energy savings



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