Klübertop P 39-462 Spray

产品编号: 081295 Paint for inspecting the contact pattern on tooth flanks

Klübertop P 39-462 Spray is an air-drying paint for the inspection of contact patterns on gear tooth flanks. It contains an inorganic binder and organic solvents. Since Klübertop P 39-462 Spray is resistant against gear lubricants based on polyglycol, PAO, ester and mineral oil, it can be used for checking and adjusting contact patterns on tooth flanks without problems. The inspection paint is pigmented in intense blue, so it provides a distinct contrast against the bright metallic flank surfaces. Klübertop P 39-462 Spray offers good adhesion to clean tooth flanks, so it can be used to monitor the contact pattern over an extended period of time in the –40 °C to 200 °C temperature range. Being a spray, the product can be applied to the tooth flank surfaces exactly where needed.

Klübertop P 39-462 Spray


  • Inspection of contact pattern also with synthetic lubricants

  • Intense blue colour offers well-contrasted picture

  • Good adhesion allows long-term monitoring

  • Simple and accurate spray application



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