Klübersynth OA 98-15000

产品编号: 039222 Operational lubricant for large gear drives

Open gears are subjected to challenging operating conditions like vibrations, dusty environments, high varying loads and other operational parameters.

Therefore, reliable operation of the open gear drive and occupational safety have the highest priority for you as the person responsible.

Klübersynth OA 98-15000 offers you optimal support. This special lubricant based on the SLIBF concept (Solid Lubricant Integrated Base Fluid) was developed precisely to meet the high demands of open gear drives.

It provides excellent adhesion, good film formation, less splashing from the gears and reducing leakages from the gear casing. This results in better maintenance practices and increased safety. It also provides good pumpability at lower temperatures and offers low resistance to pumping the lubricant.

Klübersynth OA 98-15000 provides excellent wear protection under high loads and even under higher peripheral speeds.

Klübersynth OA 98-15000


  • Considerable cost savings through

    • enhanced tooth flank life due to very good wear protection

    • high base oil viscosity and additional white solid lubricants for reduced scuffing and pitting

    • reduced consumption and disposal based on a more efficient lubricant demand

    • improved surface condition and protection of loaded tooth flanks as the fluid grease removes contamination more easily

  • Improved maintenance due to

    • no settling in the drum and reduced nozzle clogging due to the integration of the solid lubricant in the base oil

    • easier inspection of the tooth flanks during operation due to the light-coloured solid lubricant

    • white solid lubricants make contact pattern visible

    • reduced tendency for leakage around the gear guard due to the adhesive nature of the product



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