Klübersynth LM 47-3501

产品编号: 022256 Damping grease based on silicone

Today's vehicles have to meet ever-increasing requirements in terms of high-quality feel and driving comfort.

An important aspect in this context is the prevention of vibrations and noise.

With its high viscosity, Klübersynth LM 47-3501 ensures good damping in your application. It has a very good viscosity index as is typical of silicone-based lubricants, which enables good lubricant supply to your components also at low temperatures. Due to the carefully chosen solid lubricant PTFE, the product enables low breakaway torques, low friction coefficients and emergency lubricating properties under boundary friction conditions.

In car interiors, the reduction of odorous emissions is becoming ever more of an issue. The lubricant used to support the optimum function of car interior components plays an important role in this respect.

This is why we have optimised the olfactory characteristics of Klübersynth LM 47-3501 for use in such applications.

Klübersynth LM 47-3501


  • Extended component life due to

    • good antiwear effect and good emergency lubricating properties due to PTFE solid lubricant

    • good compatibility with elastomers and plastics

    • excellent wetting of contact surfaces

  • Noise-damping effect due to

    • high base oil viscosity

    • optimised content of solid matter

    • lower breakaway torques at low temperatures and reliable operation at high temperatures because of the wide service temperature range



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