Klübersynth HM 2-220

产品编号: 002115 High-temperature oil for the glass industry

Klübersynth HM 2-220 is a synthetic high-temperature oil especially developed for the glass industry. Besides the normal temperature range, Klübersynth HM 2-220 is especially suitable for the high-temperature range because its evaporation loss at elevated temperatures is very low. The product has good penetration properties and forms a lubricant film very quickly. Klübersynth HM 2-220 is free from solids, which helps to avoid sedimentation.

Klübersynth HM 2-220


  • Lower oil costs due to lower consumption

  • Lower waste water disposal costs due to excellent water separation ability

  • Much less machine contamination, hence lower cleaning costs

  • Smooth machine operation due to good pumpability and precise metering by centralised lubricating systems

  • Higher machine efficiency due to uninterrupted operation with higher output

  • Higher machine reliability due to less residue formation

  • Less machine wear also at high temperatures

  • No starting-up problems, restart of cooled-down machine 20% to 30% faster thanks to good temperature-viscosity behaviour

  • Changeover to Klübersynth HM 2-220 easy as miscible with mineral oil



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