Klübersynth EL 42-31

产品编号: 004350 Fully synthetic gear grease for high loads and temperatures

As an OEM and component manufacturer for the automotive industry, you know the ever-growing demands for energy savings, higher performance and a longer components lifetime. A perfect alignment of all components is required where reliability is a key success factor.

The fully synthetic gear grease Klübersynth EL 42-31 can support you with this regards. Its wide temperature range stability and efficiency can decrease your costs and increase your components reliability and lifetime.

Klübersynth EL 42-31 is built on a synthetic concept and shows an excellent load-carrying capacity and a very good wear protection. It offers a prolonged service life compared to mineral oil-based products due to specially selected raw materials, thus service intervals can be extended and maintenance costs reduced. The excellent temperature-viscosity behavior supports the formation of a lubricant film across a wide service temperature range, even at elevated temperatures. In addition, Klübersynth EL 42-31 does not tend to become pasty. It can make an effective contribution to enable very low starting and running torques at low temperatures.

Klübersynth EL 42-31


  • Extended component life due to

    • a wide use temperature range

    • an excellent high-temperature resistance and thermal stability

    • a very good wear protection and load carrying capacity for gears

  • Contributes to the achievement of your sustainability goals: A longer component life saves resources and material use



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