Klübersynth BR 46-32

产品编号: 012322 Special grease for rolling bearings, ball screws and small gears

Rolling bearings, ball screws and small gears, especially those in cars, require low starting torques in combination with for-life lubrication. The use of special materials is making the compatibility of lubricants an ever more pressing issue.

Klübersynth BR 46-32 is a grease offering a solution precisely to these challenges. Its chemical composition enables the product to meet the requirements in terms of service life, low starting torque as well as compatibility with specified materials.

Klübersynth BR 46-32 is based on a polyglycol / ester mixture, with a thermally stable lithium complex soap that is resistant to ambient media. The product offers you very good smooth running properties at low temperatures owing to its low base oil viscosity. The oils contained show excellent oxidation resistance, supporting operational reliability at high temperatures. The additives contained contribute to the product's very good antiwear effect.

Klübersynth BR 46-32 can also be used in applications where noise generation is an issue.

Klübersynth BR 46-32 was designed to offer compatibility with EPDM elastomers and other materials. Please note, however, that elastomer qualities of one or several manufacturers may vary. General compatibility with these materials cannot be guaranteed and has to be checked in each case.

Klübersynth BR 46-32


  • Reduced wear in the rolling and sliding contact zones

  • Enables for-life lubrication at medium speeds

  • Optimum base oil combination for low starting torques at low temperatures

  • Compatible with EPDM materials and brake fluids



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