Klübersynth BHE 46-403

产品编号: 012325 High-temperature grease for heavily loaded rolling bearings

Constantly rising cost pressure calls for lower wear and longer service life.

These requirements apply to many different applications. In railway wheelset bearings, in particular, higher demands regarding component reliability come on top of that.

What may sound like a contradiction is made possible by Klübersynth BHE 46-403. Its very new and innovative product concept offers significantly reduced friction resistance, supporting lower expenses for energy. At the same time, the operating temperature is reduced, which can be proven by measurements. This makes long-term lubrication possible.

Due to the very good friction data of Klübersynth BHE 46-403, which go along with very good anticorrosive characteristics, wear is reduced. A positive consequence is longer component life. This saves costs for maintenance and protects the environment through reduced demand for natural resources.

Klübersynth BHE 46-403 has been certified for increased wheelset bearing mileage according to common railway industry standards. Also where a lower mileage has been specified, grease life can be extended. Please contact our rail specialists to arrange for a consultation on individual specifications.

Klübersynth BHE 46-403


  • Contributes to the achievement of your sustainability goals:

    • Considerably longer rolling bearing life (e.g. rail wheel bearings) due to low friction coefficient and consequently verifiable wear reduction

    • Higher energy efficiency due to optimised frictional resistance

    • Longer relubrication intervals and lower lubricant consumption enabled e.g. by the lower operating temperature

  • Wide range of applications for heavily loaded rolling bearings due to wide service temperature range

  • Optimised for rail applications due to approval for wheelset bearings acc. to DIN EN 12081 & DIN EN 12082 and availability worldwide



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