Klüberplex GEM 11-700

产品编号: 017196 Multipurpose heavy-duty greases for mining and quarrying equipment

As an operator of mining equipment you expect high machine availability, reduced downtime and low maintenance costs. There is a growing trend for the extraction of raw materials to take place in extremely cold climates.

Klüberplex GEM 11-700 and GEM 11-700 Arctic have been designed to protect components on electric rope shovels and draglines operating in the harshest conditions. With very good wear protection, good low-temperature pumpability and excellent adhesion, Klüberplex GEM 11-700 and Klüberplex GEM 11-700 Arctic will keep your equipment running and lower your total cost of operation. Both greases exceed the requirements outlined by P&H 464 and Bucyrus SD 4713. Additionally, Klüberplex GEM 11-700 exceeds the requirement as a multi-service lubricant outlined in the P&H 520 standard.

Klüberplex GEM 11-700


  • Meet or exceed all OEM specifications for electric rope shovels and draglines

  • Very good wear protection, even at temperatures down to – 45 °C

  • Reduced total cost of operation due to lower consumption and increased component life



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