Klüberoil EE 1-46

产品编号: 030044 Energy-efficient high-performance lubricating oil

As an operator or manufacturer of hydroelectric plants you are looking for possibilities to save energy and attain higher equipment efficiency. You wish to find new ways to reach your sustainability goals - lower costs and an improved energy balance - by straightforward measures without major redesigns.

To meet these very demanding requirements, we developed the energy-efficient plain bearing lubricant Klüberoil EE 1-46 in close cooperation with a leading European manufacturer of electric systems. Klüberoil EE 1-46 complies with the requirements for turbine oils laid down in DIN 51515-2 and shows a low foaming tendency and high oxidation stability.

The use of Klüberoil EE 1-46 enables the uninterrupted operation of your hydroelectric plant and offers simple and efficient cost savings due to

  • a reduction of internal friction losses and hence higher efficiency

  • long oil change intervals

  • long component life being attained

Klüberoil EE 1-46


  • High system and energy efficiency over a wide temperature range due to

    • lower energy losses in plain bearings

    • optimised viscosity-temperature behaviour

  • Process optimisation

    • Uninterrupted operation due to low foaming tendency

    • Good compatibility with plain bearing materials due to a carefully designed additive system

  • Meets DIN 51515-2 requirements for turbine oils



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