Klüberflex 200-0 N A/B Komp. A

产品编号: 099223 Water-miscible two-component bonded coating for windshield wipers and other elastomer components

Klüberflex 200-0 N A/B Komp. A is an innovative, water-miscible two-component bonded coating system for windshield wipers and other elastomer components.

Compared with conventional graphite dispersions, this bonded coating has a matrix with good resistance to abrasion and chemicals and offers good friction characteristics.

Dirty hands are a frequent complaint in the handling of wipers coated with graphite dispersion; with Klüberflex 200-0 N A/B Komp. A, this is not the case.

Klüberflex stands for a modular product concept enabling highly individualised product design due to optional additional modules. Adhesion and friction characteristics, for instance, can be adjusted to suit the material used and the requirements of the end customer by adding specific modules.

Klüberflex 200-0 N A/B Komp. A


  • Optimised friction behaviour of your wiper rubber

  • Low cross-linking temperature, enabling use with temperature-sensitive elastomers such as CR, NR

  • High flexibility in meeting your requirements

  • Individual product adjustments possible with selected additional Klüberflex modules

  • Lower application costs

  • No air filter systems required as VOC < 10g/l

  • Rapid quality inspection upon layer application due to integrated UV indicator (excitation at 300 - 400 nm)



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