Klüberalfa NH1 XZ 3-1

产品编号: 810038 Dispersant and solvent

You wish to apply your PFPE lubricant in thin layers or prepare your components for the application of PFPE lubricants, or remove fluorine-containing lubricant residues.

Klüberalfa NH1 XZ 3-1 is a rapidly evaporating dispersant and solvent for PFPE-based lubricants.

You can also use Klüberalfa NH1 XZ 3-1 to prepare your components for the application of PFPE lubricants or facilitate the removal of unwanted fluorine-containing lubricant residues.

Besides making your work easier, Klüberalfa NH1 XZ 3-1 helps you save both resources and money due to minimum-quantity lubrication.

Klüberalfa NH1 XZ 3-1


  • Optimally conditions metal surfaces for improved adhesion of PFPE lubricants

  • Facilitates removal of PFPE lubricants

  • Enables minimum-quantity application of PFPE lubricants in dispersed form

  • NSF H1-registered for increased process reliability



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