Klüberalfa K 83-735

产品编号: 907014 Special dispersion for the lubrication of plug-in contacts

Klüberalfa K 83-735 is a ready-to-use dispersion especially developed for the series application of very thin lubricant layers on plug-in contacts.

The thickness of the lubricant film can be tuned to specific requirements through the selection of the application technique and its parameters. The dispersion has the following positive effects on the contacts: it reduces plug-in/unplug forces, prevents fretting corrosion, increases the number of plug-in/unplug cycles, reduces contact resistance and makes the contacts resistant to gasoline vapours. Klüberalfa K 83-735 performs excellently on all common materials used for electric contacts (gold, silver, tin, zinc, etc.). It works particularly well on gold surfaces.

Klüberalfa K 83-735


  • Economical series application

  • Prevention of fretting

  • Reduction of plug-in/unplug forces

  • Highly effective on all materials commonly used for electro contacts

  • Resistant to most organic and inorganic acid and alkaline solutions as well as organic solvents, e.g. gasoline vapours

  • Neutral towards most elastomers and plastics



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