Klüberalfa HX 83-301

产品编号: 090077 Long-term lubricating greases for seals, guides and rolling bearings subject to high thermal stress

Klüberalfa lubricants based on perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) have been developed for specific applications where optimum performance under lifetime lubrication conditions is required.

The PFPE base oils contained in Klüberalfa HX 83-302 have an exceptionally flat viscosity-temperature curve. With a consistency class of NLGI 2, Klüberalfa HX 83-302 can be used at temperatures as low as –60°C and even ensures load-bearing lubricating films at temperatures as high as 240°C.

Klüberalfa HX 83-301 and Klüberalfa HX 83-302 should be used for all those applications requiring a very good load-carrying capacity of the lubricant over a wide temperature range.

For special applications Klüberalfa HX 83-301 is available (NLGI grade 1).

Klüberalfa HX 83-301


  • Extremely wide service temperature range

  • Low friction torques

  • Low evaporation rate

  • Excellent long-term stability

  • Long component life

    • in a wide service temperature range

    • in contact with aggressive media

    • under vacuum and ultra-high vacuum

    • where sensitive plastic materials are used

  • High component performance

    • due to low friction values in sliding contact

    • due to low stick-slip tendency

    • due to low gasification, no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission



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