Klüber Summit LCG 100

产品编号: 050090 Synthetic compressor oils for acidic and reactive gases such as landfill and biogases.

Klüber Summit LCG compressor oils are fully based on synthetic hydrocarbon and special additives. They protect compressors effectively against wear and corrosion, even with sour gases.

Klüber Summit LCG 100


  • Especially for the lubrication of screw-type compressors for natural gas, treated and untreated biogas

  • Effective corrosion protection of oil-wetted surfaces

  • No residue formation caused by reaction with process gas

  • Effective corrosion protection also with sour gas (hydrogen sulphide) or CO2 mixtures

  • Resistant to hydrolysis

  • Longer compressor life and more reliable performance



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